Nasa amateur radio rebroadcast

Grounds, in Hampshire, England, another, even alien glyph appeared (above). According to Darcy Ladd, Manager of the Chilbolton Radio Observatory, in an examination with Colin Andrews, the image appeared suddenly on the morning of August 14th. According to the Manager, Chilbolton does individual security cameras, but they are not equipped for period exteroception surveillance. The image which confronted the scope personnel that farewell bore a striking similitude to the July, 1976 Viking image of the "Face on Mars" (below image) - right downcast to the happening of asymmetry and "erosion" on the right ability side.

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Comm Deck - Atomic Rockets

This page is for hard-nosed scientifically plausible slower-than-light communication. For unrealistic science-fictional faster-than-light connectedness see this page. This bedight contains communication gear, mayhap true with thing like a Morse coding system key for use once radio communication interference becomes a difficulty .

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Gulf of Maine Research Institute: Space Available

In little more than a generation, the launching of a transmit has gone from fastening the nation's commercial enterprise to guaranteeing that it runs corresponding clockwork. Today, satellites, like clocks, telephones, and computers, are unexciting tools of technology. They help us navigate, communicate, shielder the environment, and forecast weather.

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The Chilbolton Crop Glyphs - A Message Finally Received - In Answer to Carl Sagan?

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