Asian dentata leaf turtle

Fritz et al (2008) position 7 sort of fresh terrapin in the sheet turtle genus Cyclemys. This genus is 100 on Southeast Asia, and its members are typically referred to as 'leaf turtles' due to the shape of their carapace. The Asian foliage Terrapin, or frequent Leaf Turtle, is one of the more widespread of the genus. As is typical for the genus, the carapace of the Asian riff Terrapin is elliptical and circinate in shape, and quite an planar (or 'depressed').

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Asian leaf turtle - Wikiwand

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Presently the taxonomic category Cyclemys is cut into 4 species. It is virtually certain that this will be further split as further look into is done on this wide-ranging genus. Much same the map turtles (Graptemys) of the earth Midwest and South, thither are distinct differences between populations recovered in different watercourse drainages.

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Asian Leaf Terrapin - Cyclemys dentata

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