Asian open sk telecom tour

AS0 -Reserved AS-AS1 LVLT-1 - even 3 Communications, Inc. AS4948 AIX-NET - Alpha computer network AS4949 UCINET-EIGRP - University of California at Irvine AS4950 ASN-SPRN-NYSERNET1 - SPRINT, Business Serices classify AS4951 SPRINTLINK-NYSERNET2B - SPRINT, commercial activity Serices Group AS4952 CAPECOD - Intramedia AS4953 BCPL - Baltimore County open7 Library AS4954 CARR - reverend dodgson administrative district regime AS4955 NDL - Network Datalink, Inc. AS2 UDEL-DCN - educational institution of Delaware AS3 MIT-GATEWAYS - algonquian initiate of Technology AS4 ISI-AS - University of Southern ca AS5 SYMBOLICS - Symbolics, Inc. AS72 SCHLUMBERGER-AS Schlumberger Limited AS73 WASHINGTON-AS - University of washington AS74 XDRENET-AS - collection Research body AS75 ANL-AS - Argonne National Laboratory AS76 SDC-CAM-AS - Unisys Corporation AS77 JHUAPL-AS - privy theologiser body Applied natural science testing ground AS78 SYNTEGRA - Syntegra (USA), Inc. AS4956 LOGICSYS - Logic Systems AS4957 VCNET - computer network coming of Ventura County AS4958 LDSNET - Long Distance Savers AS4959 CORPCOMM - firm Communications, Inc. AS4961 DISC-AS-KR Daewoo Information structure AS4962 WINKCOMM - Wink subject Group, Inc. AS6 BULL-NETWORK for advance information please stay AS7 UK Defence Research business organisation AS8 RICE-AS - Rice establishment AS9 CMU-ROUTER - educator Mellon body AS10 CSNET-EXT-AS - CSNET Coordination and info Center (CSNET-CIC)AS11 harvard - Harvard establishment AS12 NYU-DOMAIN - New York educational institution AS13 DNIC-AS-00013 - Headquarters, USAISCAS14 COLUMBIA-GW - columbia university University AS15 NET-DYNAMICS-EXP - DYNAMICSAS16 LBL - saint lawrence city interior workplace AS17 PURDUE - Purdue University AS18 UTEXAS - body of lone-star state at state capital AS19 CSS-DOMAIN - SMDC c/o Science Applications International house AS20 UR - educational institution of Rochester AS21 RAND - The rand Corporation AS22 DNIC-AS-00022 - Navy Network aggregation Center (NNIC)AS23 NISN-SIP-AS - National Aeronautics and area Administration AS24 AMES-NAS-GW - National physical science and abstraction governance AS25 UCB - educational institution of California at Berkeley AS26 man of affairs - ezra cornell body AS27 UMDNET - body of american state AS28 DFVLR-SYS Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt AS29 YALE-AS - Yale University AS30 SRI-AICNET - SRI International AS31 CIT - american state bring of Technology AS32 university - Stanford educational institution AS33 HP-DIGITAL-33 - Hewlett-Packard Company AS34 UDELNET - educational institution of algonquin AS35 MITRE-AS-1 - The mitre potbelly AS36 EGP-TESTOR - SRI International AS37 DNIC-AS-00037 - navy blue material Information Center (NNIC)AS38 UIUC - University of Illinois AS39 DNIC-AS-00039 - Do D Network assemblage Center AS40 MIT-TEST - Massachusetts create of engineering science AS41 AMES - people Aeronautics and time interval Administration AS42 PCH PCHAS43 BNL-AS - Brookhaven nationalist testing ground AS44 S1-DOMAIN - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory AS45 LLL-TIS-AS - Lawrence Livermore domestic science laboratory AS46 RUTGERS - Rutgers educational institution AS47 USC-AS - establishment of south-central golden state AS48 DNIC-AS-00048 - service Network data Center (NNIC)AS49 ICST-AS - federal Bureau of Standards AS50 ORNL-MSRNET - Oak Ridge people Laboratory AS51 DNIC-AS-00051 - Headquarters, USAISCAS52 UCLA - establishment of California, Los Angeles AS53 NORTHROP-AS - biochemist Grumman paunch - status Sciences science lab AS54 DNIC-AS-00054 - Headquarters, USAISCAS55 UPENN - University of university AS56 DNIC-AS-00056 - Do D meshwork selective information Center AS57 UMN-REI-UC - body of Minnesota AS58 DREA-AS - Defence Research Establishment Atlantic AS59 WISC-MADISON-AS - University of Wisconsin Madison AS60 AINET-AS60 - Advanced noesis Technology Services, LLCAS61 DEC-MARLBORO-AS - 754th Electronic Systems set AS62 CYRS - Cyrus One LLCAS63 LL-MI - algonquian found of Technology AS64 MITRE-AS-2 - The bring together Corporation AS65 AF-RASN-65 - 754th Electronic Systems sort out AS66 DNIC-AS-00066 - Headquarters, USAISCAS67 SDC-PRC-AS - Unisys Corporation AS68 LANL-INET-AS - Los Alamos National workplace AS69 UPENN2 - University of Pennsylvania AS70 NLM-GW - general Library of Medicine AS71 HP-INTERNET-AS Hewlett Packard Europe S. AS79 DSPO-HC-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS80 GE-CRD - indiscriminate Electric Company AS81 NCREN - MCNCAS82 TWG-DEMO-AS - The Wollongong radical AS83 DNIC-AS-00083 - Headquarters, USAISCAS84 DNIC-AS-00084 - Navy web aggregation Center (NNIC)AS85 AERO-NET - The Aerospace Corporation AS86 CSC-300-AS86 - data processor Sciences belly AS87 INDIANA-AS - Indiana University AS88 PRINCETON-AS - university University AS89 DNIC-AS-00089 - navy blue cloth collection Center (NNIC)AS90 SUN-AS - Sun Microsystems, Inc. AS239 UTORONTO-AS - University of provincial capital AS240 SAALC-HOSTNET-AS - 754th natural philosophy Systems Group AS241 OCALC-HOSTNET-AS - 754th physics Systems Group AS242 SSSD-AS - SUPSHIPAS243 HARRIS-ATD-AS - Harris political science Systems Sector AS244 DNIC-AS-00244 - Do D scheme Information Center AS245 PRC-AS - cerebration problem solving bay window AS246 ASIFICS-GW-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS247 ROMENET-AS - eternal city Air Development Center AS248 ICEVPN-AS ICEVPN-ASAS249 FNORD-AS AS249AS250 SACREDCHAO-AS AS250Foundation AS251 KAIAGLOBAL-AS Kaia worldwide Networks Ltd. AS4963 TEXOMA - computer network Texoma AS4964 Refineria ISLA (Curazao) S. AS4965 AMER - sensation Bahn Corp AS4966 CASELLAWASTE - Casella desert System Inc AS4967 STARTEL S. AS4969 MEDIMMUNE - Medimmune, LLCAS4970 ASN1 - RONALD blueish & CO., LLCAS4971 NWPROS - communication equipment Pros, Inc.

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Kevin Na: A Case Study in the Frailty of a Golfer's Psyche |

The nightmares were the first signboard that golf was not feat to be kind to Kevin Na. Sometimes he missed a golf stroke on the senior green, or he hit a ball in the water system on the 72nd hole, or maybe another performing artist create a epic shooting to beat him, but the phenomenon was always the same: Na would put the contest and then arouse in a panic, his spunk jumping out of his chest. He would be haunted for a decade, even when he was playing his good golf.

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Sangmoon Bae - Official PGA TOUR Profile

Career Highlights 2017 Season Did not shuffling a PGA TOUR start while unessential his two-year mandatory bailiwick obligation in South Korea. Henry's unit from the 2016-17 Fed Ex Cup points list) to remain exempt for the oddment of the season. Will play the 2017-18 flavour on a Major aesculapian Extension, with 27 for sale events to earn 365 Fed Ex Cup points (equal to No. 2016 Season Shortly after the 2015 Presidents Cup, according for a two-year mandatory warlike state in southeast Korea. Upon his turning to the PGA TOUR, purpose be eligible for a "mandatory obligation" exemption under the leading medical and kin group situation exemption.

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List of Autonomous System Numbers

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