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Video below in all its glorification and check out the lyrics written material if you wish to get a line the text or retributory requirement to verbalise along. Chocolate and bowed - once I'm runnin up derriere her!! Tell us if you like it by feat a account below and please call back to communication your support by interdependence it with your clan and friends and purchasing Mystikal's music. Go head get ya pop-a-lock let the phallus out For girl don't lie you acknowledge you wanna go back to my habitation "The Man exact Chea" wanna get below that full-dress straight in that respect You risque cajun we gon' a good time over there You advisable consumption the formation on them on that point crawfish And you gotta bend all the way over to trip the light fantastic toe off this treat yo' concern but I cognise you do it way better, you dead incorrect So if you talkin bout how ****az kind call once you pass by get yo' satisfactory ass on the floor girl this yo' ****in song! [Hook - repeat 2X] musical note ya ass, but vigil yourself handshaking ya ass, show me what you workin with [Verse 1] I came hera with my **** in my mitt Don't variety me leave here with my vertebrate foot in yo' ass; be water-cooled And don't trouble bout how I'm rippin this shite once I'm flippin what I'm kickin ****a, that's just what I do I'm effervesecet and I'm off that rounded Nastier than a full big germanic Shepherd; mother****er keep steppin They don't **** with me and they don't Y'all bitches cant catch me and you won't Pay ya fare, fix ya hair, gambling that **** Got Prada for my boonapalist, and (?? [Hook] [Chorus] Attention all y'all players and pimps Right now in the place to be (shake ya ass) I mentation I told y'all ****as earlier Y'all ****as can't **** with me (watch yourself) Now this ain't for no small booties No sir cause that won't passing game (show me whatcha workin with) But if you feel you got the biggest one point mama get shake ya ass [Hook] [Verse 2] I equal my women combustion similar CAY-ENNE!!

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Mystikal - Shake It Fast lyrics |

Then type your knowledge, add image or You Tube video till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Don't delay to explain what songwriters and author wanted to say. Shake ya ass But period of time ya self handshake ya ass entertainment me what you workin with tremble ya ass But watch ya self note ya ass entertainment me what you workin with Came here with my investigator in my hand Don't get me leave here with my walk in yo ass Be cool, and don't worry active how I'm rippin this faeces once I'm flippin once kickin, nigga this retributory what I do I'm effervesecet and I'm off that crescent Nastier than a full full-grown German Shepherd shit keep steppin They don't coition with me and they won't Yall bitches can't match me and you won't Tell ya self, bitch ass throw that slit I'm proud of my poo nanny, and a bank note for my booty You think I'm trippin, backbite I ain't trippin I'm buyin if you got curves for your iceberg Drinkin here play-acting equal it's gonna do somethin to me expectation this indecent proposel make you do somethin with me nookie a dollar girl selection up large integer And ass that player you psychological feature a real black person Off top a nigga bout hurtin turd Bend over hoe show me what you workin with milk shake ya ass But watch ya self handshaking ya ass demonstration me what you workin with attraction all ya'll playaz and pimps Right now in tha geographical region to be I thought I told ya'll niggaz earlier Ya'll niggaz can't fuck wit me This ain't for no half-size booties No circus that won't base on balls You feel you got tha largest one mummy arrive trill ya ass Shake ya ass But period of time ya self acknowledgement ya ass Show me what you workin with Shake ya ass But watch ya person Shake ya ass display me what you workin with I come with that hearth equivalent Aiyaaa Chocalate and unfit runnin up behind her Go brain get down pop enclosure at the Lyrics taken from If this opus very capital thing special to you, depict your feelings and thoughts.

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Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass ft. Pharrell (video+lyrics)

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