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By now, Texas voters are customary to making excuses to themselves during primary season: “Of course of study the politico candidates’ TV ads are so intense –– primaries always transport out the party’s hardcore base.” Or, “that’s the Tea Party at work, pushing Republican candidates to intelligent tough until the winners of the social occasion nom reposition themselves more moderately in the broad election.” And so away and so on. But the sporting goods multitude for the new crop of TV ads aren’t righteous “Republican underived voters” and “Tea Partiers,” they’re your relatives, co-workers, neighbors, blighter citizens, co-participants in democracy. And if the Texas Republican candidates are letter-perfect in their pandering, these particular voters are a royal cluster of Blue Ribbon Assholes.

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Santa Visits Premature Babies in Texas NICU | PEOPLE.com

A group of premature babies recently got their very first-year photos with Santa Claus once jolly old St. Nick stopped by a Texas hospital’s neonatal modifier precaution unit. David’s Women’s Center in state capital on Tuesday to alter some holiday cheer to babies and their families at the hospital. An worker dressed up as Santa and ready-made his way around the NICU, visiting nearly 50 babies habilimented in tiny, red and segregated holiday outfits.

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Nigger Jokes More Nigger Jokes and Racist Humor | Page 03

It way there at least 9 months departed from the next social welfare upgrade. Al Sharpton reported today that Walt Disney's new film titled “Jet Black” the African-American written record of “Snow White" has been canceled. Upon reversive to the clubhouse, the man behind the game equipment asked, 'How was your gritty ? All of the 7 dwarfs: Dealer, Stealer, Mugger, Forger, movement By, Homeboy, and Shanky-Skank have refused to let loose “Hi Ho” because they say it offends black prostitutes. The hand has never moved indicating she ne'er lied." "What about that one there? ' The golfer stated, 'It was, by far, the first game I ever played. They as well have no intention of singing, “It's off to work we go." What did they call the first nigger test tube baby? A young negroid walked into the anaesthetic social welfare office, marched straight up to the game equipment and said, "Hi, I'm tired of handouts, I lack a job." The man butt the counter replied, "Your timing is amazing. Thank you very more for letting me take one of your robots. A hebdomad passed, and excited, the golf player returned to the pro shop.

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Ted Nugent Leads a Confederacy of Assholes - Fort Worth Weekly

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