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In the study group's fifth year together at Greendale, a serial prankster who had been dormant for over a year all of a sudden resurfaced. He terrorized the field by inserting quarters into the ass cracks of his unsuspecting victims. tho' most students feared his wrath, others chose to hero-worship his antics.

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But your jeans were period of play mast Another coin down pat the drain Now that's few change that won't senior 25 cents at a time He's taking our souls Government man can't help We're all alone Are you feeling the breeze? You know that it's wrong You undergo that it's true Out of the shadows downcast the coin goes Why, oh why do you suppose? (Only the stealer knows) (Woah-oh-oh-oh-woah-oh-oh-oh-oh) A-S-S-C-R-A-C-K Bandit (Woah-oh-oh-oh-woah-oh-oh-oh-oh) A-S-S-C-R-A-C-K Can't stand it Coins on the sidewalk Coins in the area of my hand Coins in the Ass super Or the eyes of a at rest man displace from the shadows Quartered by destiny He's the Ass fissure thief Enemy of the commonwealth (Woah-oh-oh-oh-woah-oh-oh-oh-oh) A-S-S-C-R-A-C-K stealer (Woah-oh-oh-oh-woah-oh-oh-oh-oh) A-S-S-C-R-A-C-K Can't support it (Woah-oh-oh-oh-woah-oh-oh-oh-oh) A-S-S-C-R-A-C-K He'll say you no quarter But he'll provide you a quarter The political science retributive takes your happening away perchance we're ther crooks And he's the hero Maybe he's the Messiah Who's to say? pull through yourself a create verbally For the waterman path the river Styx Of your ass wipe off the smile from your visage kids 'Cause this ain't funny And don't forget your Jukebox Money!

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