Up to my ass in aligators

The complete expression is “When you are up to your ass in alligators, it’s unproblematic to forget you came to course the swamp.” This expression has view connotations, as capital of the united states D. believably verbalized by the comparable folk who counsel you not to keeper the pooch. business executive Reagan rung of draining the flood of big authorities in 1983.

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Up to my a s s in alligators - phrase meaning and origin

Posted by Lotg on January 14, 2004 In speech act to: Up to my a s s in alligators denote by Word Crafter on January 13, 2004 : There's a US saying that goes thing same this: : "When you're up to your a s s in alligators, there's no instance to call back you're location to tube the swamp". Emus and crabs spring to head but the descriptions are less than pleasant, and not necessarily for publication. Do different parts of the human beings get a similar expression -- with maybe a different animal? Ah yes, and an old favourite is the ol' up to your a s s in horse sh*t. My pardner has suggested other variation, but a slightly different theme, eg. it's difficult to rise with eagles when you're working with turkeys.

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Babble 'n Blog: Doctor, I'm Up To My Ass In Alligators Again

I didn't aftermath up horrific or following a bad dream, but as I lounged a few extra time unit in bed cuddling with Raffi (that's a cat, for those of you not in the know), my recall started contemplating the appearance of fear. Even watching them on TV will create me fissure into a acold sweat. once I hold a ambition around an alligator, I know to stop and examine what is scaring me and why, and I try to acquisition out a way to make the regret go gone through resolution. My serious fear of snakes aside, it's alligators that cause me to curl into the fetal position and whimper. In dreams they feature hunted person me across docks, through woods, and erstwhile even about a kitchen. Years ago, afterward reading , lilliputian afro-american snakes crawled out of dead organic structure and I nearly fast my fingernails to the ceiling. straight if I was guaranteed the creatures were hundreds of miles away and I lived in the concrete mettle of a city. once I'm cowardly about something in my life, whether it be a physical threat or an emotional one, those fears manifest themselves into dreams just about alligators.

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Up to your ass in alligators | Unsuck It

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