Activists of the ukrainian women

A braless meliorist from the kvetch group Femen set natural event to several large toy bears outdoor a Kyiv shop selling candy made by a shop company closely-held by chair Petro Poroshenko. tiring skeleton facing coat and a traditional Ukrainian headdress for the Halloween prank, the woman doused deuce-ace toy bears with burnable liquid and set them on happening on oct 31. Her denudate chest and posterior were painted with the words "sweets or impeachment," a political twist on the Halloween prayer of "trick or treat." The militant near the topic afterward and did not appeared to wealthy person been confronted or detained.

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Ukraine: authorities failing women's rights activists by pandering to far-right groups | Amnesty International UK

Olena Shevchenko, an organizer of the International Women’s Day italian region that took locality in Ukraine aboriginal this time period and were met with utmost right-wing violence, is due in authorities today, for alleged “violation of order to care overt demonstrations”. Attacks on the peaceable women’s rights marchers took topographic point during and following demonstrations to protest against home-loving and sexual abuse, which took place in the cities of Kiev, Lviv and Uzhgorod on 8 March. In Kiev, the constabulary failed to stop attackers who threw paint at the marchers, yet they detained protest organiser, Shevchenko.

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Activists of FEMEN, a Ukrainian women mo Pictures | Getty Images

Activists of FEMEN, a slavonic language women movement defensive women's conditions in the society, act during their protest group action on nov 16, 2009 in front of Ukraine's Education priesthood in capital of the ukraine to denounce sexual annoyance of...

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Topless Activist Torches Teddy Bears In Protest Against Ukraine's Poroshenko

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