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, Pixar's ordinal feature-length film, is their first jaunt into the Fantasy sort (of the Fairy prevarication kind), and their first with a egg-producing protagonist. It tells the tale of a Rebellious aristocrat onymous Merida in the mythical Scottish kingdom of Dun Broch, who wants just to live as freely as she desires. Her father, the broken and boisterous baron Fergus, has an eonian grudge against all bears since he gone his left leg to a demon bruin named Mor'du.

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ARTEMIS RETINUE - Greek Mythology

ARTEMIS was the surpassing goddess of hunting, wild animals, children and birth. This page describes the large assemblage of the goddess--her attendee bands of nymphs and mortal maidens. The most known of were the mythical being maidens--Oupis, Hekaerge and Loxo--and the girls Kallisto (Callisto) and Prokris.

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The Handoff

Copyright 2018 by ship's officer J, all rights reserved * * * * * This product is willful for ADULTS ONLY. It may check depictions of intersexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a jural age in your neighbourhood to position specified material or if specified material does not legal proceeding to you, do not verbalize further, and do not save this story.

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Brave (Western Animation) - TV Tropes

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