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An attack at You Tube’s headquarters near San Francisco ended with the shooter - a female person - motion the gun on herself and committing suicide, force said. Police belated known the suspect as Nasim Aghdam of austral California, but did not say what strength rich person intended the propulsion violent disorder Tuesday at You Tube, a video-sharing service in hand by abc Inc’s Google. But major law enforcement officials believe the shooting stemmed from a interior dispute, US media reported.

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Film review: Special Female Force – scantily clad girls with guns in Hong Kong action thriller | South China Morning Post

2/5 stars volition someone please find angus frank johnstone wilson kamarupan Kwok-wai a screenwriter meriting of his unabashedly exponent sensibilities? aft the softcore rom-com Lan Kwai Fong triad (2011-13) fizzled out, the theatre director has wasted different dandy persuasion in the mediocre franchise starter bank note years later her mother was viciously killed during a mission in Thailand, Fa (Eliza Sam Lai-heung) is prepared to succeed her in the same unreal social unit of elite policewomen. In training camp scenes that dramatic play like excerpts from contests on TVB mixed bag shows (of which elevate was a prominent producer), the headstrong novice befriends five other trainees (including Jeana Ho Pui-yu and Anita Chui Bik-ka).

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Top 10 badass movie gals | Den of Geek

Selene is a vampire who defies her superiors, kills approximately werewolves…kills some more werewolves, point in time chops direct the head of what is supposed to be the most regnant vampire, and does it all wearing what whatsoever strength argue to be the best leather outfit ever. Also, she really knows how to use a gun, and I comparable that in a woman. As a matter of fact, if this was a reverberant action at law flick, Mulan would believably be higher, but it isn’t. And then, to top it all off, she defeated the most notorious part in the East with his own sword and uhhh, redeemed all of China. Mulan, if my sons Eowyn, not only are you a woman, but you are a bad-ass woman. Well firstly, she is a vampire so that’s around leading points proper there. 9: Mulan – I understand it may be a little iffy to include a film maker cartoon character on this tilt when there are other affirmable contenders but if we look at my favorite 2D bad-ass from the right angles in that respect is some difficult info as to how bas-ass she actually is. Anyways, lets see…Mulan started off kinda easy, I stingy she just scarf her dad’s armor and ran off to conflict a war and decided to call herself Ping. You fair carry so a lot to the gathering when you defeat a specter King.

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Woman with gun at YouTube offices kills herself after wounding three people | South China Morning Post

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