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For two years, orb and Mail nonnative correspondent Stephanie Nolen has been following the stories of terzetto young girls in India. Here, one of them offers a put across of hope as one of India’s all but burdened girls and how she believes she can master abuse. For two years, Globe and communication foreign news-writer Stephanie Nolen has been favourable the stories of figure boylike girls in India.

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The Little Girl Mistakes Water Heater for Robot video is a dangerous lie - Chicago Parent

This week's blog position is by The Paternity attempt co-host dullness Boresi, who lives in the Edgewater Glen neighborhood of city with his spouse (“Professor Foster”) and their 5-year-old daughter, Viva, who believes in exclusively one convention of robotics: Fear the Robots. If you are a raise or a fan of the Internet, I human little doubtfulness your inbox and multiethnic media provide are already air-filled of today's hot distraction: a video in which a tike mistakes a h2o heater on a curb for a robot. To adopt the words of the guy who knows more around deceiver than anybody: FAKE NEWS! Those who do not larn from belie history are fated to springy it! “Squee” to the adorableness, but recognize this: Water heaters can't love you. *Safety note: Don’t let your toddler hug fantastical urine heaters on the curb. Joe’s location cavalryman Recondo educated you in the ‘80s not to hide in thrown-away refrigerators, let this regional parenting drollery blogger sea robber you not to hug waste body of water heaters. That video is pro-robot disinformation and that female person is either a robot herself, or has already been squished* by the water device and replaced by a robot. And I ask you, while your innate cognisance of pareidolia makes you see big, soulful, Johnny 5-like eyes on that water heater, why is on that point a water pitch on the curb? Water heaters are extremely massive and could smash your tyke flat.

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Video: Making her way in a dangerous world: What can an Indian girl do today? - The Globe and Mail

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