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Ted: You know, Butterfly-Knife, I'd have a bun in the oven this from Face-Tattoo, or Jagged-Cheek-Scar, or Larry, but not you. Larry: (who has a mohawk, composed moustache, ferret, and eyepatch) Why don't I get cool nickname?!

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When I left off last time, I was trying kooky new therapies to “cure” my insomnia earlier my trip to Ireland…so that I would be healthy to physiological condition all over there, without the aid of my check-up marijuana — which I wasn’t going to be healthy to bring down with me. A few unit of time ahead my trip, I got an e-mail from one of the guys who had hired me for that golf competition that I caddied — you remember, the one with all the “sexy caddy” shenanigans (in Vegas, “golf” = “hijinks involving scantily adorned caddies, copious amounts of booze, and perhaps a outdoor game lodge or two”). Well, I’m here to tell you that thing got even WORSE! ANYhoo, the water guy who had set up the golf circumstance emailed me to see if I would vouch for him — seemingly he was exit to be in the Santa Barbara field for work, and had scheduled a photo discharge while out there, and had booked a section exemplary who might want to check a reference.

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Sand dunes rightful northeasterly of Baker, off Interstate 15 (you know…home of the World’s Tallest Thermometer). The original major Wars was partly filmed here — some of the Tattooine scenes, anyway! Once, a swain and I went out to hike and looking at around…and much friendly rustic cruised up in a sand rails (a sort of dune-buggy contraption rednecks use to pitch around on the dunes in) and offered us a tour! That guy took us ALL concluded the dunes — and that’s no joke!

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