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Ted: You know, Butterfly-Knife, I'd wait this from Face-Tattoo, or Jagged-Cheek-Scar, or Larry, but not you. Larry: (who has a mohawk, cool moustache, ferret, and eyepatch) Why don't I get cool nickname?!

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When I left off last time, I was trying kooky new therapies to “cure” my sleep disorder ahead my trip to Ireland…so that I would be fit to sleep playing period there, without the aid of my medical marijuana — which I wasn’t feat to be able to bring out with me. A few days before my trip, I got an electronic mail from one of the guys who had chartered me for that golf tournament that I caddied — you remember, the one with all the “sexy caddy” shenanigans (in Vegas, “golf” = “hijinks involving barely attired caddies, extensive amounts of booze, and possibly a golf baseball team or two”). Well, I’m here to give tongue to you that thing got equal WORSE! ANYhoo, the pipe guy who had set up the golf event emailed me to see if I would summon for him — apparently he was going to be in the Santa Barbara region for work, and had regular a pic pip while out there, and had reserved a localized model who might want to check a reference.

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Sand dunes equitable north of Baker, off Interstate 15 (you know…home of the World’s Tallest Thermometer). The first ace Wars was partially filmed here — many of the Tattooine scenes, anyway! Once, a fellow and I went out to wage hike and looking around…and many affable redneck cruised up in a sand rail (a sort of dune-buggy device rednecks use to careen roughly on the dunes in) and offered us a tour! That guy took us ALL complete the dunes — and that’s no joke!

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