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Has been roughly for a bad agelong minute by Internet standards, with the freshman games reaching out in 1996, and has since grown to cover some contrasting types of media. The Cheezburger network has a page consecrate to these, with new ones every day: Pokememes Smogon is something of a flowing of Memes as far as fansites go. The aforesaid applies to Twitch Plays Pokmon: its memes can be found here. It's likewise ridiculously popular, especially with nerds. Albeit a Clovermon, a pokemon from a fangame which centers or so many, many another memes, but still.

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Nightmare Fetishist - TV Tropes

This character is blithely intrigued by whatever is strange, dangerous, disturbing, and/or frightening. If this imaginary being is "part of The Team," their fellows may regard them oddly. Indeed, what's situation supply or Squick to extra characters could very healthy be a fetich or Squee! For example, a Nightmare degenerate may consider Halloween their favorite holiday, harbor an obscure or queerly specific kink, think that the monsters they're purported to be war-ridden are cute, or simply be born with this attribute as portion of their coinage or family.

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Sex Slave | All The Tropes Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Simply put, this is a characterization who has been Made a Slave for the unisexual desires of others. This happens particularly often in Dystopia, The Empire, and the darker versions of charm furnish Future, either to show how large indefinite amount the world sucks, or, well, just because. In the former kind, the Sex Slave is seldom a protagonist.

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