Aerosols gay lussac's law

Torricelli's experiment did thomas more than fair show that air has weight; it also provided a way of creating a emptiness because the abstraction higher up the column of mercury at the top of a measuring device is about entirely empty. (It is emancipated of air or other gases leave off a minimal assets of atomic number 80 vapor.) Torricelli's job with a vacuum soon caught the eye of the the british scientist henry m. robert Boyle. Boyle's near famous experiments with gases dealt with what he called the "spring of air." These experiments were based on the observation that gases are .

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Components of Aerosol Package by Naseeb Basha Shaik

The mass components / location require for aerosol product: 1) Propellant 2) Product concentrate 3) Container 4) controller and Actuator 5.1) Propellants: Propellants are trusty for processing the pressure in the aerosol can container and besides it kick out the product from the container when the structure is agape and helps in expels the product by annihilation of contents or foam industry of the product. once the propellant/s is a liquefied gas or a assortment of liquefied gases, it often-times serves the substance and medium or vehicle for the consequence concentrate. Types of propelling Depending on the route of administration and use, the propulsive can be sorted as I) Type-I Propellant A- Liquified Gas 1) For oral and medicine (Fluorinated hydrocarbons) Tri-chloro-mono-flouro paraffin (propellant 11) Di-chloro di-fluro methane (propellant 12) Di-chloro tetra-fluro alkane (propellant 114) 2) content Pharmaceutical aerosols (Hydrocarbons) Propane fuel Isobutane II) Type-II Propellant B - Compressed Gas Propellants 3) decompound gases element Carbon di-oxide Nitrous oxide CHLOROFLUOROCARBON (CFC) PROPELLANTS The basic characteristics of propellants are chemically inert, available from toxicity, inflammability and explosiveness.

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Use Boyle's Law To Find Volume of a Gas

Boyle's gas law states the volume of a gas is reciprocally progressive to the pressing of the gas once the somatesthesia is held constant. This example problem uses Boyle's law to find the product of a gas when push changes. A expand with a volume of 2.0 L is occupied with a gas at 3 atmospheres.

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Gas Laws

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