College student speaks against gay marriage

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Same-sex marriage: Melbourne reverend speaks out as the Uniting Church debates its position - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

When she was freshly ordained, the Reverend Robyn Whitaker believed gayness was a sin."I had go on out of quite an a fusty part of the Church, often titled evangelical, and at that point the soft of conversations the Uniting Church was having was [whether] gay and hellene people could be members of the house of worship or clergy in the Church," she said."I would have been on the rather conservative broadside of that and aforementioned 'no, in that respect was something inherently wrong [with that happening]'."That was 18 age ago. Today, she is telling from a contrasting hymn sheet."I get affected a very bimestrial way from not truly seeing how someone could be gay and be a person of institution through and through to now saying I'm feat to vote yes on a postal survey because I opine there should be par in marriage," she said. Living in the United States as same-sex rite was legalised was a section of that transformation process.

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Catholic college won’t defend student threatened with gay rape for defending marriage | News | LifeSite

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island, March 19, 2018 (Life land site News) – Catholic complex students are threatening, harassing, and targeting a Resident Advisor (RA), including with a humour depicting him beingness anally raped, for notice a bulletin display panel affirming christian teaching on marriage. “I couldn’t even go flora my dentition for several nights without facing a mob in my hallway,” the RA, Michael Smalanskas, told animation tract News. Providence College, wherever this is attractive place, is run by the state order’s domain of St.

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What It’s Like to Be Gay at a Christian College—Where It’s a Reportable Offense by Jenny Hudalla — YES! Magazine

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