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Fast intellectual nourishment restaurants like Mc Donald’s serve millions of family in additional than 100 countries each day. Fast food for thought is one and the same popular, especially among teenagers. Nevertheless, is such mental object growing or should we avoid it?

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What strategy are most effective in the conditions of globalization

Every day the world economic system becomes more and more global. Many interior companies hold already felt on themselves negative consequences of this process: the competition amplifies, risks become author individual including from the state of visual percept of consequences, requirements to skills and knowledge of the personnel department perpetually grow. notwithstanding to mull over the multinational character of a business activity it would be alone through a prism of negative events incorrectly. New conditions of business group action is first of all new possibilities.

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Banks and Banking - Services | Types of Banks | History of Banking

A deposit is a party that works with the currency that the grouping furnish it. If you give back your currency to a bank, it not alone protects it but pays you interest so that it can work with the money. This is one of the reasons why group save their monetary system in a bank. financial organisation besides bring monetary system to other businesses and customers.

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Тесты - ЕГЭ: Задание 40

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