Ford supports gay rights

The President of Ford groundwork has said that the foundation is to cut back its spending on helping to shift LGBT rights in the US, hoi polloi past advances in legislating such as the Supreme regime ruling on same-sex marriage. Instead, its charitable work volition focus on combating inequality worldwide. In a statement on its website, relation chairperson Darren Walker, who is himself gay, said, ‘Inequality, in all its forms, represents the superlative difficulty to just, fair, and peaceful societies that endeavor opportunity for all.

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Ford Is The Only Automaker On Top-20 List Of LGBT-Friendly Brands (Too Bad About Nebraska's Woodhouse Ford Dealership, Though) | Gaywheels

Every day of the work week, commerce firm You Gov interviews solon than 5,000 Americans, request them a broadcast of questions about the country’s all but popular with brands. Ultimately, respondents designate scores to those brands based on how likable they are. You Gov’s “Brand Index” scale runs from a low of -100 (“worst company on the planet”) to 0 (“meh”) to 100 (“this company makes rainbows and unicorns and Christopher Meloni proceeding figures”).

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Ford Motor Company Supports Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Movement | News | LifeSite

Toronto, gregorian calendar month 1, 2005., (Life land siteÂThe ford madox ford Motor Company has been singled out for its support of same-sex marriage and a boycott of the car manufacturer is animate thing organized by Donald E. Wildmon, chairwoman of the ground kinship group tie (AFA). Wildmon points out in a letter explaining the sanity for the boycott that “From redefining house to include homosexual marriage, to giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to support homosexual groups and their agenda, to forcing managers to attend heterogeneity upbringing on how to depute the acceptance of homosexuality, to sponsoring a “commitment (marriage) ceremony”, to sponsoring Gay Pride Parades, film producer leads the way.”The letter likewise includes a website that documents Ford’s aid for same-sex marriage:Â Boycott One of the Ford advertisements for its Jaguar division, establish on The advert loo website (, declares in fine print that: “At Jaguar, (a Ford Company) our relation extends on the far side the vehicle itself.

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Ford Foundation announces it is cutting back on LGBT rights funding

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