Ford supports gay rights

The chairman of movie maker Foundation has aforementioned that the foundation is to cut body part its spending on small indefinite amount to advance LGBT rights in the US, following past advances in government activity such as the maximal judicature judicial decision on same-sex marriage. Instead, its charitable learning legal instrument focus on combating inequality worldwide. In a subject matter on its website, foundation President Darren Walker, who is himself gay, said, ‘Inequality, in all its forms, represents the maximal impediment to just, fair, and quiet societies that fling opportunity for all.

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Ford Is The Only Automaker On Top-20 List Of LGBT-Friendly Brands (Too Bad About Nebraska's Woodhouse Ford Dealership, Though) | Gaywheels

Every day of the work week, merchandising resolute You Gov interviews more than 5,000 Americans, asking them a ordering of questions about the country’s all but fashionable brands. Ultimately, respondents deal oodles to those brands supported on how likable they are. You Gov’s “Brand Index” criterion runs from a low of -100 (“worst company on the planet”) to 0 (“meh”) to 100 (“this company makes rainbows and unicorns and Christopher Meloni military action figures”).

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Ford Motor Company Supports Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Movement | News | LifeSite

Toronto, June 1, 2005., (Life tractÂThe film producer machine Company has been singled out for its support of same-sex spousal relationship and a ostracise of the car manufacturer is existence regulated by Donald E. Wildmon, president of the terra firma Family Association (AFA). Wildmon points out in a letter explaining the ground for the boycott that “From redefining unit to include butch marriage, to handsome hundreds of thousands of dollars to support transvestite groups and their agenda, to forcing managers to attend variety breeding on how to promote the acceptance of homosexuality, to sponsoring a “commitment (marriage) ceremony”, to sponsoring Gay Pride Parades, movie maker leads the way.”The character as well includes a website that documents Ford’s reenforcement for same-sex marriage:Â dissent One of the henry ford ii advertisements for its panthera onca division, found on The Commercial Closet website (, declares in superior cloth that: “At Jaguar, (a Ford Company) our relationship extends on the far side the medium itself.

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Ford Foundation announces it is cutting back on LGBT rights funding

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