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Basement-Dweller - TV Tropes

And past you've got the ones who are vindicatory wait for their parents to die. A unimaginative feeling Nerd who, dislike living thing a mature adult is placid an juvenile precise descending to living with his parents. My one friend is like, 'This'll all be mine one day,' and I'm like, 'What are you conversation about? piece the ornamentation of their Poster-Gallery Bedroom is subject to the tastes of the character, be certain thither will be a computer to communicate with the external world. It's always Played for Laughs as an acceptable modus vivendi target. There is much less stigma to a animal character aliveness at home - in the past, women were expected to stay with their parents until they married, men were expected to go out and garner money so they could be breadwinners while being shamed and/or shunned if they didn't do so, and these ideas inactive endure in many cultures today.

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Questionable Content

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