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Today The Guardian helped answer a cracking role for the nation. It filtered and published a assortment of material from the Wiki Leaks natural process of internationalistic cables. At least one of my friends is already spitting feathers and line of work for the death penalty, me - good I'm quite pleased we had the release.

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Is Robert Downey Jurnior gay? Is he and Tom Hiddleston a couple?

I have to be with the OP and others here, I can't tell if TH is gay, he seems beautiful gay here but he's a Brit - gaydar fails with Brits a lot of times. RDJ seems totally sober to me here and in control and TH looks up to him in this discourse & they be bro-close but not gay, jmho. One of RDJ's dealers wrote a book and took a lie detector test.

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Joseph Price

Joseph Ray Price, whelped in March, 1971, is one of three defendants face charges of game to obstruct justice in the slaying of Robert Wone. Joe leontyne price attained his undergrad magnitude in overt insurance from the College of William and Mary, graduating in 1993. It was there he front met Robert Wone, where they both served in student government, and the two die-cast a lasting friendship.

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Listen : Think : Act: WikiLeaks is Good For Us

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