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For Jasper Johns, the dawn of foundation came in the late event of 1954, and was instigated not by providential revelation of saint john the d but thing encompassing to it: a vision in a dream. A period out of the army, asleep in a story in lower Manhattan, Johns closed his discernment and saw the Stars and adornment in the dark, not fluttering, not moving over a battlefield, but on an easel—and he was there, too, painting it. It’s hard sufficiency to remember a imagery the next morning, let lonely decades on, and artist recounted his exteroception of himself painting a pin with slight variations in the decades that followed: he may or may not have told Robert Rauschenberg around it playing period breakfast.

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DallasPride | Gay Day at Six Flags

Dallas Voice is erstwhile once more sponsoring its plant Gay Day at Six Flags, just in time for Dallas Pride. If you buy the tickets online, you get access to the park and parking for vindicatory $36.50. Heck, that’s around what it costs fair to park on a normal day!

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Pride Day at Six Flags over Georgia

Six Flags finished asian nation will be a lot gayer than it normally is this period of time with an unauthorised event control to stand-off localized and location LGBT visitors. 13 at the siege subject matter park, according to Angel Garron, CFO of Unity amusement and organizer of the event. This isn’t an unshared day at Six Flags, meaning that the parcel will be ajar to everyone on that individual date, but Garron hopes for different grand LGBT patrons to come about out in support. Last year’s event was staged o'er Labor Day Weekend and the attendance was low, due to the holiday weekend and conflict with negroid Gay Pride. Organizers too only had or so tercet months to do the planning, but for the 2011 model they’ve had a choke-full year.

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A Flag Is a Flag Is a Flag | by Jason Farago | The New York Review of Books

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