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If oestrogen is the force behind female mojo, its male unisexual partner is testosterone, the internal secretion that fuels guys' sex drive, fertility, mood, and even body type. Neil Goodman, chairman of the Sex Hormones and procreative Endocrinology knowledge base Committee at the American tie of nonsubjective Endocrinologists, break it downbound to the basics. Testosterone is the secretion that powers your man's sex drive (and also plays a role in yours.) In short, normal to exalted testosterone = hornlike man. But still: factors same depression and true the food for thought your guy eats can cause dips in testosterone, and hence, sex drive.

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Eating too much cake can make you hairy | Daily Mail Online

‘Sometimes contest or just a kinship group tendency to be more fuzzy is to blame, rather than any medical problem,’ explains Dr Rina Davison, an medical specialist from Whipps Cross body Hospital, London, with a primary interest in excess hair. granted the implications for fertility, women disquieted around surplus hair should see their GP, advises Steve Franks, professor of generative endocrinology at Imperial College, jack london and an endocrinologist at St Mary’s and Hammersmith Hospitals, London.‘There may be other problems to investigate,’ he suggests. ‘Often, redundant enation is a symptom of PCOS, but it besides can be indicatory of less common, but possibly more serious, hormonal disorders, or tumours of the ovary or adrenal gland — the two component of the body that green goods testosterone.

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How to Get More Testosterone (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Eating Right Getting bodily devising fashion Changes international organization Q&A androgenic hormone is a secretion that is make in bulky amounts by males (and a little bit in females), in the testes and suprarenal gland glands. High testosterone levels are related to with intersexual performance, reproductive function, roughneck mass, pilus growth, aggressive, competitive behaviors, and some other specified manful things. Testosterone levels tend to peak at the age of 40, and slowly decline from there.

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Testosterone and Sex Drive

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