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Bo Bice's mean solar day of offset is: 1 nov 1975, He was innate in Helena, Alabama, USA. His popular Trade evaluation is: Long, spectral colour hair Beard . He is wedded to king of great britain fisher cat since 15 June 2005 (1 child). Among His eldest film/tv appearances you can find: "VH1 Big in 05 (2005)", "American Idol: The Search for a Superstar: (#4.35) (2005)", "American Idol: The Search for a Superstar: Top 24 carrying into action Show: physical object 1 (Guys) (#4.11) (2005)".

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'American Idol' runner-up Bo Bice says he was called 'white boy' at Popeyes | Fox News

"American Idol" runner-up Bo Bice was not a happy client aft he claimed a Popeyes worker ready-made a racial comment towards him. The singer is baleful legal action against the food for thought chain after he says an worker called him "that white boy" at the company's Hartsfield-Jackson planetary field location. Bice told FOX 32, "The three ladies body part the counter asked whose food for thought it was.

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Is Bo Bice Gay? - Guess what all people say about it

The advent out of Bo Bice would greatly help an dumbfounding number of homosexuals around the mankind who are still in the closet. In any case, celebrities too often-times refuse to talk roughly their private lives, so we can't call if they are gay or straight. Bo Bice has never made any public evidence more or less this, so all rumors about if Bo Bice is gay remain completely unfounded and unproven.

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