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Interesting theory, but I think its disproved by the fact that Kakashi is habitual to the Icha Icha serial written by Jaraiya. tho' the precise plot of the serial is not known, it has been explicit that is close to a love betwixt a man and a charwoman and it is for people ages 18 But he cared for one boy enough to risk his rattling existence for him, and even after that boy did die he decided to live out that boy's life for by adapting most of his behaviour and attribute traits to his own - that boy of action being Obito and the reason being love. All I'm saying is that the fact that cause ne'er had a romantic kinship with a person of the opposite sex doesn't mean that they aren't attracted to that sex. I'm not locution that Kakashi can't be gay, but not having a romantic relationship with a female isn't prove towards his unisexual emplacement if he had no romantic relationships at all.

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Sasu Naru (Japanese サスナル Sasu Naru) is the constituent used to refer to the impractical relationship betwixt Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki, in which Sasuke plays the dominating role and Naruto the compliant role. The time period for the couple where the roles are reversed is Naru Sasu (Japanese ナルサス Naru Sasu). in front social unit 7 was assigned, Sasuke was notable for his quality over the girls and his skills as a class to which Naruto envied.

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To prove Sasuke is Gay, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Disclaimer: Yeah, it seems as if I'm back and willing to make thing weird. I exploited to wonder why, but now I think I be intimate the gay. That was what Naruto was thinking as he started his new mission, to find out whether Sasuke is erect or not. Hinata has blue, short hair and I human long black hair. I am not fit to appear her shoes, while she is hot and spicy." "What..." Naruto said. He went off to happen Michael Jackson's re-create and he is obsessed with his "overly sexy" (as aforementioned by Sakura) old brother. ------------------------- ---Proof that Sasuke is gay---He ne'er spied in the girls' washup houses and he never dates any of his fan girls (although I rather accept the understanding why). B-Buy yourself something..." Neji ran away and Naruto stared blankly.

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