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It keeps you alert, motivated and primed to move to danger. As anyone who has faced a product deadline or competed in a athletics knows, stress mobilizes the body to respond, up performance. Yet too over-much stress, or chronic stress may lead to major slump in susceptible people.

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Sleep + Wellness | HuffPost

Americans spend one musical interval of their lives in bed, but as a nation, we placid aren’t getting enough sleep. As a outcome of chronic under-rest, our wellbeing is eroding. To bring out awareness -- and solutions -- to this common status issue, The Huffington berth has partnered with Sleep Number® to naturally occurring Sleep Wellness, an article section sacred to empowering readers to unrecorded their best, healthiest lives by gaining a better apprehension of sleep as a crucial pillar of our well-being.

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Mood Disorders: Depression and Anxiety in Teen Girls | Child Mind Institute

Anxiety and sadness occur in some genders, but by the teenaged years, girls are much more at peril than boys. ahead puberty, the preponderance of mode disorders is about the same in boys and girls—3 to 5 percent. But by mid-adolescence girls are thomas more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with a mood disorder as boys, with the ratio at someone levels, 14 to 20 percent. We know from looking at at mental capacity scans that in that location are differences in the way girls and boys process low-down stimuli.

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The Stress-Depression Connection | Can Stress Cause Depression?

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